The International Tchaikovsky Competition, founded in Moscow in 1958, has long been the pride of Russia. The competition is one of the most authoritative and recognizable music contests in the world. It is held every four years and is considered "The Musical Olympics." The competition’s principal goal is to discover and support new talents in musicians ranging from sixteen to thirty years old. For more than half a century the competition has introduced many outstanding performers to the world of piano, violin, cello (since 1962), and voice (since 1966). The 2015 competition was dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the great Russian composer Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. broadcasted the event and collaborated with John Blanch (J.Blanch Productions), who directed the "Cello Daily Journal" videos in St. Petersburg. Vladimir Putin once said of the competition, "A winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition holds one of the most respected titles there is”.



EVENT: The XV Tchaikovsky Competition

DATE: 20 June 2015

DURATION: 2min 45s 


COUNTRY: St. Petersburg, Russia