EVENT: Soirée des Jeunes Créateurs

DATE: 15 October 2015

DURATION: 9min 07s 


COUNTRY: Geneva, Switzerland

In association with "Byron Baciocchi Immobilier SA" and "Club des Leaders", this unique meeting in Geneva invites you to discover the greatest innovative talents in the world of art, classical music, fine watchmaking, and jewelry. A "vernissage" opens the evening at Lake Geneva Theatre with works of art from the Evartspace gallery as well as jewelers’ and watchmakers’ exceptional collections. The Geneva composer Doryan Emmanuel Rappaz guides us into the second part of the evening, the world premiere of his Cello Concerto, and Fantasy for piano, performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Turin. After the gala dinner, in the Grand Hotel Kempinki’s first floor ballroom, the third performance will feature the HERA stylist who will present twenty-five dresses of a new semi-couture collection, accompanied by the "Stevans", a talented Geneva group having now acquired European recognition. Byron Baciocchi said, “Doryan Emmanuel Rappaz has a sublime talent, I'm sure he is able to present us with an outstanding event”.