EVENT: Festival Dans le Jardin de William Christie

DATE:  19 Avril 2017

DURATION: 3min46s

DIRECTOR: John Blanch & Agnieszka Biolik

SOUND ENGINEER: Gaetan Juge & Sarah Hermann

COUNTRY: Thiré, France

Theatre des sablons J.Blanch Productions

The Quartier des Artistes, in the heart of the village of Thiré, is currently undergoing renovation to provide accommodation for artists and musicians, space for rehearsals, training and performances, and also for educational activities. Once completed, it will be a convivial place of exchange between artists and the public. Created in 2012, the French endowment fund “Les Jardins de Musique de William Christie en Vendée” was set up to ensure the continuation of William Christie’s activities in Thiré: the annual festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie, and, during the rest of the year, concerts, workshops, panel discussions, and residencies for artists, musicologists, and landscape architects. In order to ensure that such events can continue, they are hoping in the medium term to create a foundation, which would be recognized by law as being of “public utility.” This project is being undertaken jointly with Les Arts Florissants, a non-profit organization under the French law of 1901 which manages all the activities of the internationally acclaimed music ensemble founded by William Christie in 1979.