For its lyrical evening, the Festival present some great singers performing a repertoire that was still never played in Puplinge before. It is so, the opportunity to hear Gustav Mahler, Hugo Wolf or even Alban Berg and Wolfgang Rihm, in contrast with the french repertoire of Claude Debussy and Ernest Chausson. Since 2010, the Festival is defined by its dynamism, its quality, youth and diversity. It invites an audience from neophytes to seasoned music lovers and besides being a way to discover the beautiful town of Puplinge, the Festival has an important role for the youth. Managed by the non-profit organization of the same name, the festival is attended by over hundred and thirty active members many of whom volunteer to help. 



EVENT: Lyrical Evening

DATE: 23 July 2016

DURATION: 1h19min49s

CAMERA: Deyan Parmouchev & Agnieszka Biolik

SOUND ENGINEER: Julien Podolak

EDITING: John Blanch

COUNTRY: Puplinge, Switzerland



LYRICAL EVENING - 23.07.2016