EVENT: Long-Thibaud-Crespin

DATE:  1-2-6-7 Nov 2018

DURATION: 2min 49sec

DIRECTOR:  John Blanch 

CAMERA: Victor Toussaint & Agnieszka Biolik 



The Long–Thibaud–Crespin Competition is an international classical music competition for pianists, violinists and singers that has been held in France since 1943. It was created by the pianist Marguerite Longand the violinist Jacques Thibaud. Thibaud died in 1953, Long in 1966. Until 2011 it included only pianists and violinists and was known as the Marguerite Long–Jacques Thibaud Competition. That year, in honour of the French soprano Régine Crespin (1927–2007), it was expanded to include singers, and renamed. The 2018 edition of the Long–Thibaud–Crespin Competition is dedicated to violinists. It was such a pleasure to share the atmosphere captured in images of this one of the oldest and most prestigious competitions in the classical music world. 



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