EVENT: L'Automne Musical de Taverny

DATE: 24 September 2016

DURATION: 3min 27s

DIRECTOR: John Blanch

AUDIO ENGINEERDimitri Scapolan

COUNTRY: Paris, France

The Taverny autumn musical festival is well-known for having hosted hundreds of artists paying tribute, thanks to their art, to some masterpieces of classical music. Jean-Paul Gasparian is no exception to the rule. His interpretation has magnified the radiance of the compositions he played that night. Armed with the experience he gained in famous competitions, such as the european competition of Brême in 2014, the musician knows how to have this solid foundation and his sensibility intertwined in order to restore the music in its original sharpness and subtlety. Indeed, his interpretation, strongly supported by the national Ile de France orchestra, displays a certain maturity, that may find its origin, besides his brilliant academic trajectory, in his passion for philosophy and literature, that feed without contest his performance.