EVENT: eJust incubateur

DATE: 9 Novembre 2016

DURATION: 2min 18s / 2min 11s

DIRECTOR: John Blanch

CAMERA OPERATOR: Deyan Parouchev

COUNTRY: Paris, France

These two interviews of the lawyers Aude Mercier and Catherine Peulvé discuss about their professional experience and with the circumstances in which, in the course of their work, they have known E-Just, a platform that aims at solving disputes, by a process of dematerialization. What is their place within the platform? What do they think of the digitalisation as far as their practice as a lawyer is concerned? They both show their support to E-Just by explicitly telling why it has a strong role to play nowadays in our digital area. The two lawyers outline the interactions between the innovation of such a platform, the timeliness of the achievement and the main features that are beneficial for the clients. 

Interview #2 - Aude Mercier


Interview #1 - Catherine Peulvé