EVENT: Christoph Croisé - Schubert Arpeggione

DATE: 3 November 2016

DURATION: 23min42s

DIRECTOR: John Blanch

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Agnieszka Biolik  

CAMERA: Deyan Parouchev


COUNTRY: Rheinau, Switzerland

Christoph Croisé is a world-known cellist (that plays on a Goffriller cello made in Venice in 1712 !) that is used both to attend famous concerts places (among others the Tonhalle Zurich, the Vienna Konzerthaus, the Residenz Munich, the Capella St.Petersburg) and to have his work filmed, since several of his concerts have been broadcasted live on radio and television. Oxana Shevchenko is internationally recognized as a pianist of remarkable sensibility, whose influences are among others Dmitri Alexeev and Martha Argerich. This duet performs here Schubert "Arpeggione" Sonata, in the "Musikinsel", an old monastery that was transformed into a complex offering 16 rehearsal rooms. Here the very great duo Christoph Croisé and Oxana Shevchenko have gathered in order to interpret the Sonata "Arpeggione" written by Franz Schubert. A night session for sweet dreams. 




Schubert - "Arpeggione Sonata"