EVENT: concert à la Philharmonie de Paris

DATE: 21 mai 2017

DURATION: 1h07min55s

DIRECTOR: John Blanch & Agnieszka Biolik

AUDIO ENGINEER: Nicolas Thelliez

COUNTRY: Paris, France

Every season, the Orchestra gives over one hundred concerts both as the resident orchestra of the Philharmonie de Paris and on its international tours. Regularly invited to major musical capitals throughout the world, it has developed close contacts with London, Vienna, Madrid, Amsterdam, Russia and the Scandinavian countries, as well as with audiences in Japan, Korea and China. The orchestra was ranked first in the ‘Best Classical Music Concerts’ list published by the famous Japanese music magazine Ongaku no Tomo. Here The Orchestra was performing in the Paris Philharmonia in order to interpret "Un Voyage au coeur des flammes vives" by Sindbad.



un voyage au cœur des flammes vives