EVENT: Concert à la carte

DATE:  15 Avril 2017

DURATION: 4min42s

DIRECTOR: John Blanch 

DIRECTOR : Agnieszka Biolik  

SOUND: Gaëtan Juge


Sensitive to the question of public's renewal and the research for new forms of concerts, Dina Bensaïd invites you to a Concert à la carte! With the Concert à la carte, the public becomes a real figure of the concert. People choose themselves what they want to listen to. It is not a matter of making an arbitrary choice among the 3h of proposed program, but of truly constructing this program with the pianist. A one hour program, meaningful, and built around a direction that the public wants to explore with the artist. This is a new form of concert, allowing to break the barrier between the stage and the public, to establish a real communication between the two parties, to break the fourth wall.




Dina Bensaïd